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33 years of being alive

33 million thoughts of hope

33 thousand dreams of flying

33 hundred books read

33 million times trying

33 million words crossing my mind

33 times forgetting to cry

33 drops on my notebook

33 pages left

33 emotions at the same time

33 thoughts muted because nobody stops to know

33 ways of speaking the truth and having to leave past behind

33 million words of empowerment

33 ways of trying to help

33 ways of trying to be here

33 times crying when left behind

33 ways of being myself

33 years of fighting the negativity and being victorious

33 thousand days of mostly giving love, empathy and strong thoughts

33 days of feeling the victim and still getting rid of it again and again

33 ways of giving love to toxic people

33 ways of mistaking

33 ways of living in integrity

33 times a day rising after being hit

33 ways of looking for the light

33 hundred ways of being strong

33 million times of choosing differently

33 thousand times of gratefulness

33 thousand times of losing hope when people around me simply do not see, hear nor feel

33 thousand suns and moons guiding my way

33 thousand times I was strong and hurting but should have said: Please help me

33 times of saying Please help me to the wrong people, who cannot hear

33 thousand places I have been

33 million others I will never go to

33 thousand songs to brighten my spirit

33 thousand books to make me wiser

33 years if being mature, trying to construct mentally the childhood and adolescence I did not have

33 doors to open and see what's behind

33 hundred windows to open

33 friends to find

33 cold hearts to melt

33 thousand cups of tea still to drink

33 thousand tasty meals to eat

33 million hugs to give and receive

33 million kisses to give and receive

33 thousand thoughts of love

33 ways to love.

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