In Moldova, we were supposed to be celebrating the arrival of spring today, 1st of March, but there is a war going on.

For those coming where I come from, going to university, becoming good at something and getting yourself ready for life is not possible in most cases.

Those who are mildly well-off, exceptional at something or having no other choice are taking this road. A path leading into the Unknown, a life you have to build by yourself, often completely alone, among strangers.

First time, I left home at 18 years old.

It was not easy but I had to. In my mind, there was no way that I would be living in Moldova and the claustrophobic life conditions there.

It is inhuman I thought, and still think, to suppress a human being in his/her growth, through lack of real education, possibility to develop friendships, no opportunities to learn and work and develop. The violence all around and a strange conviction that life resumes to survival, something you even need to pay for by yourself - these are not things I could sustain and continue doing. Leaving was the only choice.

The life I wanted meant: possibility to have a job- an activity which is at least interesting and challenging in a good way, in other way than the challenge of surviving it. It also meant access to opportunities, culture and resources that allow you to develop. Life is family and creativity.

All these things are no possible when being pressured by the heavy thought of survival or the imminent threat of violence. I hoped that few and few people will ever have to feel that kind of insecurity, fear and desperation. But this is just hope.

As we can see even today, people as close as Ukraine, are leaving home, running for their lives. They are also going to war to defend something which is theirs already, by birth right.

This forced maturity , coming hand in hand with priceless life skills indeed, takes over and life is never the same.

I left home many times after that.

Life was never the same. I was never the same.

Life is never the same in the grips of violence and twisted power games.

This is live insanity we are all looking at, displayed in HD, translated in all languages you wish.

Maybe we often realize too late that life is not a game.