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We come into life looking for something beautiful

We are looking for the original beauty,

for that sparkle that gave us the power to see while not yet having eyes to see or senses to feel while not yet alive.

We live looking for beauty in everything we do

We break into pieces looking for it in them.

While letting go of certainty and pain

We are reckless and unforgiving

We hurt looking for it

We hide and pray for it

We long for it.

We hurt each other demanding it,

We believe that it belongs to us.

We believe it's our right to have it

that beauty, that original ecstasy

That power of being alive, knowing, feeling and having it all.

We need beauty to be alive and to survive.

We need the beauty in the words we speak,

the food we eat,

the clothes we make

in nature.

Beauty in music

Beauty in colors

Beauty in people holding hands

Beauty in kindness, openness, courage, respect, love...

The reality of senses, the requirements of the body and all the work

of consumption, the struggle to keep it alive, safe and sound blinds us

to the beauty we could be.

We cover ourselves, we protect ourselves

We choose blindness.

To see the beauty in chaos and destruction, the beauty in pain and decay, in



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