Bring the light but make your bed first

As much as we want to transcend the reality on earth it is impossible to live as if your physical body does not exist.

Oh so many mental and physical illnesses come from there - from the pretense that the body is not there, from the lack of education on how to even start caring for ourselves, gently and reality-bound.

The world today is a Disneyland with shiny, attractive sines all over. Just that these are illusions. There is nothing there.

We need a healthy body like water and air to survive and thrive, as much as possible in a world like today.

So let us ask (today + n) :

Did I make my bed ?

Did I exercise today?

Did I wash myself ?

Did I clear the space around me and did I open the window?

Did I feel my body and what is the message I received? What needs attention?

Did I eat something I cooked myself or something nurturing?

Did I tell NO to that someone who is pulling me into a direction I do not feel going?

Did I ask someone sincerely - how are you feeling?

Did I say sincerely today - Thank you?

Did I feel grounded and if not - what can I change?