Change your circumstances - choose different thoughts

Today is a holiday not only because 1st of May, labor day, also because this is the month when I will be concentrating on changing my convictions - the thoughts I have come so familiarized with that they have brought me where I am. It can be worse, I know! but it can be much better.

The beliefs bringing me here:

Money is evil

Being a good looking person is being dirty and stupid

Being a kind and intelligent woman is not needed in our society

I will always be alone because nobody will want to stay when I am feeling sad, lost and down.

My family does not see me at all

Life is hard always

The reality is that I am managing things quite well and they are getting better since I decided never to give up, never to let myself alone again.

I am changing those liming thoughts into :

Money is a power I can use to get myself up and to create a community, a platform for like minded people. A place to share stories and learn from each other.

A nice appearance is sending out the right message : I am trustworthy, I can handle it.

We need women more than ever now. When they choose to be strong, kind, present, inclusive, and loving the world becomes a better place to be in. ( Same for men !)

My family as it is, creates the perfect circumstances for me to want to be seen, and most of all, to understand the reason why I feel this desire to be heard and felt.

Life is a step by step story. The way it feels is determined by my mind, my ability to process emotions and be open to new ideas without disregarding my boundaries.

I suggest that you too sit down for a moment and think about the convictions bringing where you are-they can be positive (leading you in a upward direction) or negative (falling down the spiral, not being able to manage life). Once aware you can take another step and use the same energy of your mind in a positive direction. Let the question: What can I do now? lead you.

Until next time I send you hugs and remind you to choose better thoughts!


Prague, May.