Characteristics of a high value man

What determines the value of something?

Value is determined by the effects, the perspective, the change, the degradation or progress something is bringing in the world under certain circumstances.

What determines the value of a character, a persona, a man? This type of value is subjective but we can access a certain level of common understanding, thus- the effects a man has on himself and those he is coming in contact with are being taken in consideration here.

A high value man :

-maintains the connection to his soul <> heart <> mind along his life, this being the main source of energy.

-is respectful towards himself : takes care of his wellbeing, creativity and wealth.

-is respectfully detaching from anyone and anything who/which is disrespectful or breaching boundaries.

-is asking for professional help if going though a rough patch. That, instead of dissipating into addictive and self harming behavior.

-is taking care of his physical health : no drugs, no excessive consumption of alcohol, food, exercises regularly.

-is taking care of his mental and emotional health all along- men have a lot to go through mostly alone, mostly needing to put up a functional mask for the world.

-is clear about his belief system and nobody can take it down or infiltrate it.

-is naturally happy to be able to provide and take care of his family or partner if he has one.

-if in a relationship with another person, man or woman - the partner and their relationship is the priority, because then this is the main source of energy.

-is respectfully treating his parents and family but is maintaining healthy boundaries. No need to be a door mat in order to be liked or appreciated.

-is trustworthy - does what he says.

-if not in a relationship - a high value man is not lusting over another men's woman or lusting over imaginary women online. Instead, a single high value man is concentrating on getting himself to a better place and is trusting that life will bring him the most suitable partner at the most suitable time.

-is not losing himself while consuming media like: pornography, online sex services, prostitution. A high value man is aware of the effects such media is having on our understanding and expectations of intimate human relations. Pornography is like asking for punches in the face when you are so frozen mentally and hungry emotionally that you need something to make you feel something, anything.

-is dedicated to his woman or partner and is maintaining the boundaries around that connection -a high value man does not run to a woman or man "friend" to spill out his personal business. He speaks directedly to his partner or a professional who has the knowledge to help.

-in relation to other men- a high value man is not losing his believes for the sake of camaraderie. Someone who is taking you off the right way is not a friend.

-in relation to children - is protective, setting a good example and ready to play.

-in relation to other women - is respectful, friendly and keeping healthy boundaries. There are no friends with benefits. No rescuing someone the 50th time, no late night calls, conversations or chats that only regurgitate what has been said and done.

-in relation to work - is taking on new challenges happily, while keeping a clear idea in mind of his direction (interests, skills and curiosities, family).

-is maintaining a positive vision of life, getting up and trying again.

Hey! It's a journey and getting there is not as hard as keeping up the high standard.

Why would we want to do that, men and women alike? - Because this is the only thing we are leaving behind.

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