Characteristics of a high value woman


> toxic feminism (not Heart based but War based)

> all expectations society (Who is society? We are! You , me, your mother, father, friends or admirers are) has from a person born with a vagina

> all expectations women themselves learn to have from themselves

> learned behaviors and thinking patterns...

What is left ?

What are the characteristics of a woman who is capable of holding the universe in her hand exuding love, peace, intelligence and consciousness around her?

Yes again, the effect a woman has on herself and those she is coming in contact with being taken in consideration here.

A high value woman:

-maintains the connection to her soul <> heart <> mind during the whole life - this is what makes a human being- in this case a woman- alive.

-is respectful towards herself - keeping promises to herself, even if the everyone else is requesting something else from her

-maintains strong boundaries and has the ability ( if not, learns it) to speak for herself. Is kindly detaching from negatively charged people. Men or woman who infiltrate the living personal ecosystem, do not contribute to keeping it alive and destroy or misuse its resources, these need to exit

- maintains the connection to her emotions and is able to take a step back to actually hear them. Meditation, work with the body and a good mental health are essential for this to happen

-is becoming conscious of the unconscious patterns that are directing her behavior and is asking for professional help if needed

- is in touch with her body and is taking care of it by not consuming foods or substances that destroy the natural power of the body to exist and self heal

-presents herself in the world as a positive, intelligent and conscious presence. Is conscious of the effect her appearance is having and does not encourage misuse of the sexual energy. Does not accept the roles that cheating men and women, emotionally broken or toxic men or women assign to women.

- is not using her sexual energy to keep men locked emotionally in relationships that are highly damaging. Sex without communication, mutual help, emotional opening on both sides and a common road ahead is highly damaging- long term. Try eating nothing but sugar and see what happens to you.

-in relation to men: is friendly, positive and kind while keeping strong boundaries. No friends with benefits, no late night calls or hidden chats, no playing around with the boss, men or women, who higher on the food chain. A high value women is capable to contain herself and look for professional help if need be. Nowadays more than ever, women and men have all the resources needed to take care of themselves and stop spreading negativity and toxicity around

-in relation to her partner (man or woman) - the boundaries and the self respect are most important. Most women get very charged emotionally and mentally from their past experiences, when not paying attention to these gaps and grey areas - it is almost sure that their life will become a reflection of those pain points. Staying aware and in touch with herself is essential for a secondary, dedicated relationship to happen.

-in relation to other women - is kind and friendly while strong boundaries are being kept. The friend of the friend is most likely not going to provide objective and sane advice. Human beings are simply so, there is envy, there are secrets, fears and stored pain at play.

-in relation to children (if not of her own)- is kind, setting an example and playful and is aware that she is not the mother of all kids in the world. It is not obligatory for a woman to bear children. It is a choice.

-in relation to herself, if choosing not to engage in a relationship with another man or woman - is working to get herself to a better place, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and is trusting that life and her spirit (who is actually running the show) will bring her the appropriate people in her life.

The journey to becoming and being such a woman is taking dedicated attention, time, education and courage.

It takes a woman to decide and be it. It takes a man to decide and be it.

When this happens the world is getting a little brighter, healthier and a better place to be.