Emotional Intelligence, if Jean of Arc only knew...

Jean of Arc -a military leader who transcended gender roles and gained recognition as a savior of France.

Did she really?

Hang on! Before cooking me on a stake, for having questioned the sanctity of a martyr, take a moment to listen to me!


....and Welcome back! You have just passed the test and you have proven to be a human, and an emotionally intelligent one! Congratulations!

Now, back to my argument.

Did Jean of Arc improve the world by choosing to push head first against a power which was clearly larger and stronger than her own? Could it be that she was caught in an amalgam of intense emotions which blurred her thinking?

Maybe for a week or two she did make people think about her Why, then the everyday life took its course.

She could have done better, I mean - stayed alive, if the people of that times would have known everything we know now about neuroscience. If they could only listen.

Just like the Christian hero, Jesus, who by sacrificing his body and supposedly living the life of a pristine child in a men's body, Jean of Arc also made a new consciousness available in the world, which is amazing, impressive, possible as an idea but -is it working?

Shall we also mention all the modern self sacrificing anonymous saviors who manage to be the talk of the internet for 2 hours and be forgotten the next day?

Why do heroes need to become virtuous machines who know to keep a straight line, till they get to their bloody, glorious end, instead of understanding the human nature and keeping this self awareness, self love and acceptance at a steady level without any blood or drama involved? The drama makes for good books and blockbusters - sure, which to my amazement some cultish groups are trying to reenact in their own lives, believing that the story was real.

To what extend does self sacrifice do any good- long term? I am thinking long term, you might want to remember that.

We are taught to adulate heroes and saints, to learn from their capacity to transcend their human nature and in this case genders, but...does the day to day life improve anyhow for those who are left with the burden of eternal admiration and the responsibility of a life to live?

Do men stop being violent and abusive, to name just a few human shortcomings, all of a sudden? Do women stop being weak, victims and abused, to name some other human shortcomings, or, to the other extreme- do they stop transforming in military leaders who deny their humanity, which causes men going all the way down the femininity trap and refuse any real responsibility ?


Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

I only came to reading this book now, while I was busy with a cohort of other similar books, where the same theme is being taken under scrutiny.

It sees that the problems humans have while interacting with other humans are having a greater impact than anything else. Want it or not, humans are interconnected, affecting and influencing each other in all possible ways, for life.

Developing the capacity to establish and maintain a healthy, life long connection with those around you, the family you were blessed with (or not!) colleagues and life partners - this is a marathon many people simply can't sustain.

Luckily, only a few out of this majority decide to become saviors of the world, for a moment. I still fail to see what is so great about self sacrifice, to me this is more speaking about lack of abilities, support, love, lacking people who come to help instead of waiting for a Lamb to say: "kill me and all will be good".

So yeah, this is what the book is about -how not to be a dead Lamb but an aware human who understands and is able to adapt to their surrounding reality in an appropriate manner.

Let me tell you what I've underlined in the books, otherwise you'll have to read it. It's that kind of thing.

Things I've underlined :

"To this day these limbic structures do much or most of the brain's learning and remembering, the amygdala is the specialist for emotional matters. "

"One reason we can be so baffled by our emotional outbursts, then, is that they often date from a time early in our lives when thins were bewildering and we did not yet have words to comprehending events. We