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Frog talk

The Frog is sitting right in front of me.

I see inside the bulging eyes. They are empty.

I see the sweaty skin. It looks like the Frog is sucking the air in. It is getting balloon-ish with every breath it takes. The heavy expiration. Toxic gas infiltrating my system.

I have been trying to be polite with this Frog. Polite while being subliminally attacked?

For some reason, the Frog is demanding special treatment. It wants something from me. It wants me to see the beauty in it. If this was Wonderland and me called Alice, I could have made myself see it.

But this is Reality.

How do I do reality with this annoying Frog asking to be best friends ? It is trying to latch onto me and feel safe. It needs me to need it, to search for it, to wait for it's return. It needs me to make myself blind, let its parasitical exitance grow onto me.

Feels like slime.

I see what you're doing, Frog.

You have been trying to get under my skin, you are trying to find out what I'm doing, thinking, feeling, eating. You need to know, you need to feed yourself with it. You need a safe, comfortable, warm place to be. While jumping outside the pond, you are asking to be seen as a different type of Frog.

You are upset, I see that too.

Hey Frog! Catch this : I'm not your mother, not your sister, not you friend, not your savior, not your messiah, not your chance, not your ticket to the moon.

You put work in and do your Frog-life, as well as you can. That's all.

You make me remember the sensation of disgust, which I could observe on the face of some highly creative people with an excellent sense of life aesthetics. I understand why they felt disgusted by 99, 9% of things, shapes, styles, colors, combinations and ides coming their way.

They must have felt attacked by slimy frogs all the time, while desperately looking for a glimpse of Beauty. Oxygen.

Looking for Beauty and Insight all around. Their creations crystalized that sense of Peace. The peace of senses.

You frog, in your attempt to be seen as Beautiful, while slime is pouring out of yourself, make the world feel disgusting.

Shut your mouth, frog.

Frogs don't talk. They make noise.

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