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(FTQ) While living the dystopia

What if tomorrow I wake up and the world is not there? What will I do?

What if I lose my keys - where can I go? I am sure I would be left to freeze and nobody would ask anything.

How do people without a home survive during winter? Do they even wash themselves for these 3 months?

What is there to remain when human interaction, respect and cooperation is destroyed?

What is the value of a poem or a sincere thought posted on FB , INSTA etc. among vegan cakes, dancing bodies, pretty plastic faces, pasta dishes, bare bodies saying cold but intelligent things, unrecognizable artists and burritos?

How do we measure the value of something today if we have given in and diluted our moral and intellectual capacitates?

Why is everybody locked onto their screens and getting angry, killing each other when somebody dares to say 'this is not right!' How could we be so fooled?

How is this different from any other form of mass control?

The feeling of accomplishment when managing to pay bills, rent, mortgage, food and clothes. Have we made a life, a living?

Filters for bodies, faces, beautiful places made even more spectacular (the superlative of a superlative ? who cares?) - what is there left beneath it ?

What are we running or hiding away from?

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