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Human metadata

A body- as long as alive -is producing and feeding on energy in different ways. Thoughts generate more thoughts. The mind is the main energy consumer.

What is a thought ? Mental energy. Meta-data.

As long as we are living we are interconnected at different levels, therefore at a mental level too.

We communicate by feeling into and exchanging the metadata. When present in our current realty and paying attention to the body and the mind, we can read the metadata.

These can be untold thoughts circulating the fields.

-Suppressed emotions which then find a way to come out stronger, in a modified more potent way

-Partners feeling the rupture or an impactful change long before it happens

-People feeling death arriving

-People connecting to each other and knowing intuitively that they have the same wound, the same victory

-People feeding each other's wounds caused by loss of energy or a gap in the field and lack of self awareness, self care, education.

-People reaching out to someone, having the thought of them before the physical appearance happens. That is, their brain received and read the information transmitted.

-People reading the room and going there where the energy is the same

-People closing themselves because the energetical input is too strong and their current capacity to exchange metadata is reduced.

-People losing the connection to their soul, their source of light and insight therefore losing their capacity to decide about the data being exchanged, they give into what we call evil or negative energy.

-People telling stories about their lives, their past and present in a soft version or a version that suits their convictions. The metadata is then layered, it gets thick, confusing and everyone open to receiving it feels it. The crude reality being softened by the brain's simple desire to keep on living. To stay alive, consuming the energy coming in and generating more.

Could this be a good enough reason to be? Who is asking for a reason ?

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