I am sorry

That nobody showed you better, taught you better.

That your spend your days alone,

so young and so lonely.

That your future is so uncertain,

because you are confused.

That nobody cared for you when you were in pain

That nobody was there to say -I will help you, thank me later.

That nobody embraced you when you were in pain

That your parents didn't know

That they didn't allow themselves to embrace and sooth you.

Because they didn't know how.

I am sorry that our children are obese and lonely

That their childhood is an never-ending game online.

That your mother is silent.

That your father lost himself.

That half of us are sick, holding dearly to pain

As if that is the way to be.

But the thing we know.

That we don't know how to talk to our children

and how to talk to each other.

That we rather go online to like someone's' face

That grown men go online liking bodies.

That grown women choose to rather be babies

instead of caring for themselves and their children.

While the other half of us is hungry, lost and sleeping on streets all around.

That we don't know how to love each other

That we can't understand each other.

That we suffer silently having lost the language to speak the truth.

That we do not trust each other anymore

that we are eating each other alive

thinking that is cool and modern.

That we are afraid of the light

That we are afraid of the truth

I am sorry that you had nobody to talk to,

to share your emotions, your life.

That you never experienced peace,

That now you don't know how to love,

how to live.

That half of us are soothing themselves with drugs

While being surrounded by other people.

That we have been cut off from life

as if the light was shut down all of a sudden.

I am sorry.

What happened to us ?