Being alive is probably the scariest thing I ever did

Each action, each though is producing a result

A consequence I have to live through

Every step that I take is taking me somewhere

That is why it is scary here


I do not always like all the consequences I produce

I have never felt at home anywhere but in my words

In my mind

When I used to lay on the grass and the sun was stepping on my face

I saw it's shadows, from behind the eyelids

I saw a world I have never been in

Wanted to stay there

Spent a lot of time there

My father says that children are gifts from God

I did not crush his dream and said nothing

But...I do not believe children are gifts from anywhere

Children are consequences

Once entered into this reality called life

The place where all is changing every second, with every breath

They are treated as their caregivers know

As a gift, unexpected but OK

As a punchbag

As a scapegoat

As a dream to be still realized

As a heavy thing to be carried around

As a thing to win over, to use to win others over

As a strange amalgam of living matter

My thoughts are my children

I wish they have a short and magical life

I give them a magical life

I wish they see through pain

And they do

Using their magical minds

Their supernatural insight

And wisdom

My words are my world

What am I going to say next?