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Imperfectly alive

We have never been perfect, our nature is that of never-ending change

Live imperfectness.

It is happening as we speak

It is inside your veins, your cells, your brain.

Or isn't that so?

Could God have been "just" a curious child having an Idea

The idea of creating a world where people could speak to each other instead of killing each other, fly around and have

food in abundance ?

The idea of a better world. Aren't we now living that idea out?

The curious child made us curious as well

Did we refuse the perfectness choosing to go downwards, falling down from grace?

The idea that we've had a state of perfectness in the hands of God

Is strange not to say extremely improbable.

Could it be that this never happened and humanity is simply looking for reasons where these don't exist ? We are floating though a black sea of nothingness.

The light is inside, imperfectly alive.

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