In your name

Leave when :

They are disrespectful

Violent language is being used

Violent physical treatment is applied

When you are being used for a certain purpose only : sexual, emotional regulation of the other, financial exploitation etc.

Emotional cheating - entertaining friends with benefits

They tell lies in order to manufacture a reality that suits better

They apply silence as a control maneuver even if they can speak or reach out

They do not hear, see, feel nor understand you

They are never there when you need help or their simple presence

They need you to be of a certain way so that you fit better their needs, desires

You cannot share your emotions, they are blocked or ignored

Your vulnerabilities are exploited or turned against you

Whatever you say is negated

Whatever you do is considered not good enough

You have to try to hard to have them in your life

No exchange of energy is happening, the relationship is one-sided

If you feel used -you probably are

If you feel unloved - you probably are

If you feel sad after interacting with them


Yes, you can and must

In the name of your heart, for the sake of our human community