Energetical and emotional break happening much sooner than all the other external effects

Emotional disconnection from the other while still participating, more or less, physically

Incapacity to communicate one's decision

Incapacity to communicate one's needs and desires

Lack of courage and emotional education to communicate and therefore be vulnerable with the other

Dark desire, flourishing from the unexpressed emotions, to punish the other for not being there, not noticing, not feeling or non dedication (maintaining the connection with the other)

Mind game created with the purpose of destroying the dignity of the other, revenge

Internet Infidelity - the illusion of "friends" or virtual loving persons someone always on your side, someone who likes you no matter what, someone who follows you everywhere and is always saying yes

Lack of self love

Lack of self knowing

Mind taking over Heart

Thirst for human interaction and need to quench one's destructive impulses, so that one is pushed to look for it somewhere else, to reflect them onto someone else