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(FTQ) Life impressions and live questions

How come am I still alive ?

Why didn't I get Covid?

How come I meet everyday different people even if I walk the same walk?

Today I was walking through the rain. I went out without an umbrella on purpose after hours and hours spent in front of the screen working. Wanted to feel something else.

My shoes got wet, but my feet not.

These are my preferred shoes, out of the 3 pairs I have.

I still love tea, even if I drink tonnes of it. It is a way of being alive and looking at life as if it is a movie. Something to do while slowly consuming ourselves.

Every time I stop from doing something, even now if I stop typing for a moment, there are 3 other things I could be doing. How do I choose what I do?

There is this electricity generated by all these ideas, all kind of thoughts surging through my mind, I feel like I am boiling sometimes. Sometimes I am empty. What do I do when I feel empty ?

Our minds are so strong and we use them to patch things up so that society (parents, friends, authority figures etc) doesn't say we are stupid or wrong. Why not do what we like?

If I think better, there are 2 or 3 people I meet often while I walk, like that middle aged couple. He has been holding her by the hand for the last 2 years, each morning on a working day, even during winter. I see them for a second when we cross paths.

They have been doing that most probably for many years before that. What holds them together?

I have a few articles I am working on, how am I going to get myself together and reduce the infinite amount if thoughts into phrases making sense?

How come I ask myself so often - Really? People do that? and I look around searching for someone (imaginary) to share the surprise of having discovered a new thing even if I have been alive so long.

How many stepping stones are there in front of me?

How long is this #journeywithin going to take?

When I am alone, do I feel safe with myself?

Why do I confuse g with d? One time at school, I wrote dog instead of god and why do I do absurd things that make no sense when feeling pain?

Why am I here?

Where am I from?

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