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"Love me as I am" will kill it

Love me as I am is the death of any relationship, here is why :

-it is a cover up for being lazy and entitled. This mindset is covering the lack of emotional education which we all suffer of, because nobody is teaching us how to interact and consciously create relationships. Men and women alike need to participate and make the relationship happen. The struggle is real and it is going to change you.

-you looking perfect or miserable and mysterious is simply not satisfying, it is not enough. Take the sunglasses off and speak. Yes, you will have to take care of your body weigh and appearance but that is natural (not frustrating) when your true desire is to be the best version of yourself so that the person sharing life with you feels good with you.

-the responsibility for your emotional baggage is yours only. People around you cannot and will not be checking this off the list. Learning to take care of yourself, or merely manage yourself, is indeed one of the most complex things we are to do in life. But hey, we are all caring stones in the pockets!

-your girlfriend/partner is not your mother. That is a strange person who finds you suitable and hopefully interesting at that moment in time, better respect that.

-your boyfriend/partner is not your father. Your father is not supposed to be by your side for life and hold hands in all instances. Your partner might not do that either. Better learn to digest that early.

-life is about taking risks and trying to achieve the best outcome. But it might not happen.

I also do not know for sure who started this whole thing called LIFE in the first place (did they take into account everything, was there a thorough meeting to discuss it all? does not feel like that :) ) but...we are here and there must be a reason for it.

The need to be loved for yourself (YOU = the potential to become, the live consciousness encapsulated into a flesh body) is natural and probably the sanest attitude to have BUT we only become ourselves through work - attention to what is not working or hurting, our patterns and then consciously taking responsibility for that.

Having someone around you, supporting you and encouraging you while this blooming process is taking place is of course nice and would make it all easier, it is a gift -but it might not happen.

Some books that help :

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The Seat of the Soul

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The unspeakable mind

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