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Superior men

Dear God,

please let all men and all women on plant Earth read or listen to this book : The way of the superior man by David Deida.

In my humble opinion this should be taught in schools.

We must be stupid or already dead if - during times when divorce rates are rocketing up through the roof like a cry for help, abuse and adultery become the norm- we build higher barricades instead of opening up, learning and putting into action a new way being. Deep down, each one of us is wishing for a loving relationship or wishing for the one already existing to improve, to be an impowering, inspiring and passionate relationship.

We must have all lost our minds and desire to live if we keep submitting to pain, separation, confusion, conflict, hurting each other and to loneliness. There is a better way. This better way is born in our hearts and healing. An open heart will provide men and women the energy, the power to rise and reach out to love, over fear and abuse.

This book is explaining in plain language why (apparently) women are crazy - saying one thing and in fact meaning another one, or act as if they have lost their minds - when women naturally are having a flowing nature, just like the water in a river - their energy and state of mind is almost never the same, it is forever changing. The superior man, the man naturally anchored into his masculinity contains this flowing energy. It moves him to do things, to go and conquer and return victorious home.

Of course, given the social obligations and needs, women have supressed this natural way of being and became "polluted" by a masculine, demanding and fighting energy. This is a turn of for almost all men who are in touch with their true masculinity.

By reading this men could understand that a woman asking for something NOW ( a cause for so many conflicts!) is in fact asking for a proof that the men is touch with their truth and mission. When this is true, a man has absolutely no problem proving for his woman.

Meaning that buying milk or takin the garbage out, or having the finances in balance are easy enough tasks for a real men in charge of the household and protective towards their partner.

Men could also find advice on how to manage the exterior female energy, when the man is married or in an exclusive relationship, not wanting to hurt their partner but still stay true to their masculine nature. It is natural and OK to feel the energy of other women, how ? - you can read about it. What is not OK is to indulge stupidly and waste the masculinity on experiences which take at most 5 min to consummate.

Men could learn also how to treat their body kindly and how discipline or dedication to a woman/family does not mean restriction but a proudful choice saying - i chose to go this way, this is me. Men can learn how to address other difficult or conflict arising topics, while keeping their masculine center intact- which is protective and nourishing.

Women could understand the way men function and how to come forward, inspiring them, bringing the best in them out into life.

I personally find this book profoundly inspiring, clearing up the confusion around many things .

It sets the bar high, to a level of relational quality I have always, naturally and instinctively desired.

These books are also invaluable:

A woman's influence by Sheri Gaskins and Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Das andere Geschlecht by Simone de Beauvoir

The seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, Doug Abrams

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*imho - in my humble opinion

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