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Moldovan skin

I forgot that in Moldova dental hygiene is out of reach

I forgot about the capsule of fear people live in

and under

fear of poverty

fear of being strong and saying it like it is

fear of going the other way

fear of money

fear of powerful women and powerful men

fear of power and how men and women choose to use it

fear of being different, open and feeling life instead of forcing it to be

fear of tranquility

fear of of doing nothing

fear of being happy

fear of making different choices

fear of losing again and again

the disappointment and hopelessness left...

I forgot that logic and thinking do not work in Moldova

I forgot how strongly the environment we live in is manipulating and changing

the mind and the way we perceive life

I forgot how hungry Moldova makes me

hunger to be free

to see

to feel

to choose

to walk

to be curious

to be alive.

I forgot how being creative is luxurious in Moldova

You are supposed to be angry, tired, negative and never


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