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No God on Earth

There is no God on Earth but we are looking for one in all the wrong places. We need to Believe that there is a reason for Being.

A Reason makes our lives matter.

As long as we Believe in something, there is a Reason.

Many chose to believe in someone who can make the world good and pretty again. This is their God. This is how cults, religions and damaging organizations come to consume so many lives. Someone who has mastered the art of seduction, manipulation and deceitful goodness attracts many others who are looking for a Reason to live or a Cause to give their lives away. Since truly living (mind, body, spirit) requires courage, it is understandable why people give that overwhelming power away.

We lose ourselves, while looking for this Earth God. We are hoping for a loving father to come to the rescue, a father to punish the bad guys trying to destroy the good guys, a father to show us the way. While doing that, we lose the connection to the Truth. We want to be the Good ones. We want to believe that.

The world is deceiving the naïves, it makes "innocents" kill for the sake of a God, it consumes and builds on the "innocent" ones. The world I am talking about is an Experience. The Experience of being alive. In this world, God loves murders, cowards, criminals and all humans alike. Even those who encapsulate the darkness and have no other human possibility to get rid of it, but inflict the pain onto someone else - are loved and trusted, and cherished by God.

But the debate between Good and Bad will always exist as long as there are humans alive to see and interpret facts.

My father is writing a lot about God, he has found the meaning of God in his world. My father made God be that which is pure and untouched. That which is Darkness is trying to destroy. His God does not seem to like the phenomenon of Life as a whole. It is not pretty.

What I think is that believing in a righteous God is doing precisely the opposite of what a God can /should be by definition- it is reducing the World to : Bad and Good. Believing that, makes the world seem dangerous, scary and not to step into.

Assigning God the responsibility of making Life worth living is a human, what a coward thing to do. It is a way of being which is constrictive and constipated, it makes things be out of sync with the Whole Reality.

When we learn to see, hear, understand, allow and accept the existence of anything but still stand tall and act in a powerful, strong, direct, fair and inclusive ways, then we can say that we have seen a glimpse of God, I think.

Being alive is the most curious thing that could have happened to anyone of us here. So, I'd say, be careful of who you make God be.


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