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Nobody is coming to save you***

When faced with challenges of life we react in very different ways.

We might fall into depressions and swirling tornadoes of emotions, we might fall back into infantility or impulsiveness, we might destroy ourselves, we might project all the pain onto all around us avoiding the introspection, we might become stones, we might become animals again.

The year of 2021 is one of great challenges. Because of the scale. This is not a single person going through a divorce or going hungry one more evening. We, as a species and culture, are going though a shift in consciousness.

A shift implies the fall of what was and the birth of a new structure. If 2020 was the year when we broke and stagnated on difference levels - economical, cultural, social than 2021 is the year when we have to wake ourselves up and start again.


You do know that nobody is coming to save you from yourself and your choices, right? You do know that every time you chose to sell your attention and life-energy to the incredibly deceiving and pretty packaged digital platforms you are actually killing your soul?

What do I mean by soul ?

Life energy, that which makes you, you. That which makes you walk, eat, think, chose, sing, dance, speak the truth, say no, try to be better.

In 2021 concentrate on resilience.

Resilience of mind and of emotions.

This is not the time to be sloppy, make stupid financial choices, or allow people to exploit you sexuality, mentally, emotionally or financially. This is the year to reframe the structure of our society, starting with each one of us at the most personal level.

I do think and see that this is the beginning of a different era in cultural, sociological, economical and psychological terms.

This is the year to get out of the damaging cycle - hope, fear, guilt. This is a chance for all those consumed by their clogging habits to make a change. This is the time to give up scrolling aimlessly on all those digital swamps pulling you deeper and deeper, pulling your life force out of you.

Stop liking photos like a Pavlonian dog (you are not a dog if reading this and you can do better)***, stop following beautiful people who feed you beautiful nothingness, stop eating when not hungry, stop sitting around waiting for something to happen, stop indulging in what you know are your weaknesses, stop running after illusions.

Come back here were WE are, where there is much work to do. We have to build ourselves from ground up this year.

We have to think. Do we remember how to do that?

We do not need more beautiful bodies or photos of you eating, traveling, sleeping, kissing, your dogs, cats and pandas. Do we need to know what you are doing at all times? Do we need to know when you are vomiting your guts out, changing your partners as if shoes or falling into soulless activities ? How does that add to OUR improvement and health, please?

This is the time to rethink and build a stronger base for yourself and those who stick to reality.

This is when you should give up empty hope, put it on the upper shelf for the kids to play when you are old and happily looking around, content that you have risen form the depths of unconsciousness and made different choices back in 2021.

Roll your sleeves up and work on yourself and for yourself. This is how WE might get through this and get out wiser, stronger, clearer and...alive.

***You - me included

*** If you are indeed a dog reading... is it you, Laika? :)

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