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Noninformation era

Hey, where did the commas go?

Why do students nowadays think these are optional?

The Linguist Christian Berg, at the University of Bonn, has been observing this confusing phenomenon for years - students prefer to ignore punctuation.

Which reminds me of all my language teachers and university professors: Romanian, English, German- they were pretty keen on conveying one message (if nothing else): punctuation is not optional at all!

I can suppose, with a certain conviction even, what the cause is, but it will not do much. We are in the middle of it, damage done.

This extreme simplification of the written language, leading to nothing but confusion and deeper darkness is speaking volumes about the state we are in.

We are living the era of meaningless information. The is an abundance of it but it means nothing.

I made a little experiment myself, when I left punctuation out, but that was only pointing to the fact that commas are really important and not optional at all.

Why even write then if the message, the meaning of it is lost?

Brace for further impact.

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