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Now rotten Tomorrow

Nature is merciless, isn't it?

If you are reading here with me, we are still alive. Like yesterday, we have received the gift of Possibility. But like all others, this one will go, it will dissipate and we will be lived out, life will have lived us out.

This happens every second and few of us have maintained the capacity to recognize the moment of NOW for what it is and take it to the next level- that of actuality, of reality.

Receiving is probably the hardest thing while being alive, next to living from the heart in the NOW.

It makes one very vulnerable and open to the forces of the darkness. Open to being used, abandoned after having given your goodness away, open to confrontation of self and the diversity if the world. But this position -from the conscious heart- is the only position where life enters this universe, through the heart.

Receiving through the heart, not the mind, not the body, not living life out of your pains and past patterns - is the most simple choice we can make in order to live the moment and see that being rotten, broken, sad, lonely or happy and fulfilled are all moments which expired.

So here is a question for us the living - How can we increase our Heart capacity -to give and receive wit out blockages, before we have rotten?

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