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Parting the sea or how change happens

On the way to fulfillment women take on an array of roles that ensure their survival, if nothing else.

Roles such as : mothers 100 %, sex workers, CEOs melting close to the sun, spiritual healers, ex models posing in the bathroom, the cute ones, the everlasting confused artists, the poets, the ex obese posing in the bathroom, the in-between-s, the conservative intellectuals, the liberals, the silent sufferers, the haters and those who can't find a role good enough for them.

Even though the role playing is part of the becoming process, thus inevitable (each one of is at a different development level), the change we are all most probably longing for, the change which turns a life around and all of a sudden everything falls into place, is not going to happen under these distorting, or let me better say, deviating states of mind.

A woman mentally and physically consumed by the preoccupation of how the world is perceiving her is loosing force minute by minute.

A woman presenting herself as the one in need for love and protection (all human beings do) or the mermaid lost on the shore is also loosing fuel and time.

A woman denying all human needs and trying to become the counterpart of men has lost the point all together.

Changes happen when someone's life forse is consciously directed into the desired direction. This forse is a combination of imagination, desire, experienced pain, determination to overcome it, self discipline, perseverance, self love, self care, openness and choosing justice no matter what. These self caring states, just like the roles, are part of the process. It is good to be aware of where you are, so that you know where you want to go.

This is when the sea parts, the trees bend, politics change, the sky opens.

Changes are internally fueled but manifested externally - that is actually the meaning of everything- to transform the world by extracting new meanings from inside, new perspectives, new attitudes, more love and courage even under the worst circumstances possible. We all do have these resources.

Next you are going to read about a few women who managed to get their stuff together and dedicate this energy in a certain direction. This is a personal interest based ranking.

These women did not loose their feminin appearance, did not grow beards or mustaches, did not transform into monsters or became impotent instantly. They are even more beautiful and interesting by taking a stand. Ultimately, the true feminine energy is nurturing, taking care of the planet and life. It is the energy that spreads peace and abundance.

Let's start with Rep. of Moldova . According to the saying "the last will come first" Moldova qualifies. As always, ever since I know myself by my name, Moldova finds itself in a state of stagnant internal conflict with occasional external outbursts in the form of small and big revolutions. These days interesting facts are taking place.

A woman made it to the prime minister office, entered, sat on the chair, started talking and all listened.

Meet Maia Sandu, prime minister of Moldova as of 8th of June 2019.

Maia Sandu

Where is she from ? Risipeni, Fălești district, Rep. of Moldova. Her father was a veterinary doctor and her mother a music teacher. She is understandably protective with her private life, but in this interview you can see her with her mother, the only parent still alive, talking in that calm and clear way I find so effective. Her discourse is based on words such as: kindness, humanity, justice, education, development. The fact that impressed me the most in her case is that ever since she has been involved directly in politics she has never been payed. As mentioned here. She is doing all this voluntary, living out of her savings she managed to accumulate while working in America.

How did she become? She studied in Management and International Relations in Moldova and has a Master in Public Administration from Harvard for which she had to gather money in different ways (borrow, scholarship and personal savings).

What does she stand for? She stands for development, inclusion, meritocracy, transparency, EU integration.

She believes in young people and their will to create a new life. Since corruption is deeply rooted in the Moldovan fertile land, she is courageously pulling at it in intelligent, non aggressive but painfully objective ways. While being the Minister of Education (2012-2015) she introduced the concept of fairness in the Moldovan school system, which lead to upsetting a couple of parents and scared students for whom the stale system is an advantage. She participated at the presidential elections in 2016, as a joined candidate of PLATFORMA DA and PAS ( she is the leader). She did not become president, Igor Dodod did (48% to 52%).

Since July the 8th 2019 Maia Sandu is the prime minister of Moldova and she still has to explain herself for not being married or not wanting to publicly talk about these details. These are questions that a man does not have to care much about. Why ?

I believe that for her, Moldova is personal project, an intellectual, moral and spiritual challenge which she has accepted courageously.

I asked my father his opinion about her election as a prime minister. After years and years of having his hopes and expectations and actions disregarded, he said: I hope she does't get destroyed by the sharks, "friends" and fame. Valid point, but is he saying that because he does't know her, because he does't believe anymore in good change or am I too hopeful and find her so transparent that no shark would find her interesting ( there were accusations of her being the mistress of one of the leaders which she addressed). Maia Sandu is working at changing the system. Let's support anyway we can.

One of Sandu's first visits as a prime minister was in Romania, where, since 29 January 2018, the prime minister is a also a woman- Viorica Dăncilă (PSD). She is also the leader of the party - a double leadership role never heard of in Romania.

Viorica Dăncilă

Where is she from? Roşiorii de Vede, Teleorman district, Romania.

How did she become? Dancilă studied at a technical University in Ploiești (gas and mineral exploitation stuff), also has a master in European Public Space. She worked as a teacher and then as a engineer for Petrom SA. PSD member since 1996. Locally, she was the president of the Women Organisation. In 2009 she went to the European Parliament and stayed there for 5 years. And the next term as well. I see that she has had different other roles but for the sake of space shortage let's not get into that.

What does she stand for? I don't know if the doubts around her are real, but her ability to lead is seriously questioned. There is a public conflict between her and the current Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis She was involved in a discrimination conflict because of using the word "autistic" in a political dispute. Which of course is affecting those individuals who are naturally born with that condition, if that is a condition even.

Well, I did watch a lot of material listening to her but I could not get a clear idea about what she is standing for. In an interview she made a ridiculous mistake including some countries in the EU, countries having nothing to do with that. The tension is easy to sense. It feels lie she is defending the whole time.

The journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu- someone I have been listening to and have been admiring for his courage to speak (he does it bitterly for years, I am surprised he is still alive doing that )- compared the prime minster to a certain bird because of her hairstyle. To add to that, the last season of the Romania stand up contest iUmor, a TV show, the woman who won is originally from Rep of Moldova but playing the prime minister of Romania. Watch her here, if you want, she is good!

Viorica Dăncilă is a strong woman to be there and not give up. Romania, just like Moldova, is very judgmental with women. If they show some signs of weakness even more so. Both countries have been eaten alive by corruption, the population loosing their hope and belief in the possibility of change. Certainly, the presence of a woman in this role is going to lead to change anyways.

Let's go to the USA for a moment where interesting facts are happening in preparation for the 2020 presidential elections. America is a storm in a box right now.

But my admiration for the American spirit goes back in time. While at the university during one of the courses we were asked to present a book that made a great impression on us. I chose " Extraordinary, Ordinary People" a Family memoir by Condoleezza Rice, former US States Secretary - the first African-America woman in this position.

Condoleezza Rice

The teacher was impressed by the choice but I was not. I felt powerful just by reading the story of that girl. Just like I felt after having read rather recently the memoir of Michelle Obama- another sincere, open, loving and very human approach on politics, carrier and life.

Madeleine Albright another former US States Secretary - the first woman ever to hold this position, born in Prague, Smichov (where my office is!) wrote a book called "Prague Winter" A Personal Story of Remembrance and War which gave me some historical milestones.

Madeleine Albright

I absorbed the feelings transmitted though her story and reminded me of how important freedom, unconstrained thinking and action are. I was in Brno while reading that book, under the apparent impression that my origin is going to determine my future. Wrong!

Madeleine Albright is known for her brooch passion, she wears a lot of them in many different forms. The one that shattered the internet was the glass ceiling brooch worn for the candidate speech of Hillary Clinton, when she was candidating.

Today an impressive number of women are running for president in America. I am standing by one of them especially , Marianne Williamson, who's work and books I've been following for years. She is going through a lot of criticism because of her views at the moment. Her mere presence and voice is leading to change.

Marianne Williamson

There is yet another young woman I want to talk about in more detail.

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC almost everywhere and on her popular Twitter account, the youngest congresswoman ever in the US history, born in 1989. She is a Democrat.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

Where is she from? AOC is from the Bronx, NYC. Her father died of lung cancer in 2008. Her mother cleaned homes and drove the bus. Still does maybe.

How did she become? she studied economics and international relations at the university of Boston. A year before being elected in the Congress she was still working a 18 h shift as a bartender and waitress to help herself and her mother. Learn from her watching on Netflix the documentary.

Let me stress the role of language at this point. She says things like: " I would just say, 'Hey, kids in the Bronx should have a good education.' And they'd be, like, 'Oh, she's an activist." Her discourse is direct, addressing big issues without loading the message linguistically. You listen and you understand.

AOC made herself heard by being active in different ways and also for having been born in a social layer which "normally" doesn't speak. She managed to run an effective grassroots campaign- a campaign organised at a local level, using local people, documented in the Netflix documentary I mentioned above.

What does she stand for? The Green New Deal - an economical stimulus to tacke climate change and economical inequality- the first piece of legislature proposed by her. She supports immigrants and speaks about creating ways to citizenship for them through decriminalization. In June she visited the migrant detention centers at the border with Texas speaking about the conditions (not good) these people live in.

She is a supporter of the LGBTQ community and speaks for a healthcare care system funded by the state, just like in any other country in the world. In USA there is no state supported health care insurance - wtf?

AOC is also under a lot of criticism but she takes it as a part of her job. I mean, the feeling one gets listening to her, in comparison to the discorse happening in Romania for example, is that of - I'm in charge here. Even if so young I did not see any comments in regards to her capacity to do what she is doing. But maybe I was not looking for them. I guess the American society, under Trump's lunacy, is longing for such a voice- direct, funny, competent, real, human.

I hope these women are inspiring you to give up waiting for someone up above to come and make it all work and start deciding for your life. The one who does the thinking is in charge. The one who adds passion and love to it is the winner. That is how change happen.

Coming up next : Let's see some other interesting women, disregarding their political affiliation, in Italy, Germany and Russia.

From Prague, still laughing ...


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