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Radioactive parents

This is the time of orphans

The time when parents commodify their own children

Squeezing each and every drop of life and natural joy a child has

And selling it to the great audience

made out of twisted people, bots, perverted minds, abusers, players, lost people

or desperate people who should be growing their own children but are lost in the incapacity of doing so

A child's every step is documented and published

A child's changing body is documented and published

A child's every move is published

A child's every gesture is published

A child is objectified to the extend that he/she becomes

a toy.

The age of orphaned children is here

These are the children growing as if in a laboratory

A strange plant the world is watching, observing, monitoring

waiting to see how long will it exist.

Virtualized, objectified, commodified children

I cry.

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