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Reality - too much?

Your "Like" does not exist in reality.

Your reaction does not exist in reality. It has a non effect in reality.

Your reaction to a piece of information online does not do much- other than fulfill its dead end destiny - to trigger a chemical in your brain which will make you do something, a short lived spike.

Like going to the local market and being revolted by a thing, screaming at someone or something and 5 minutes later forgetting about it.

The shared unconsciousness (I) is being injected with this daily dose and feeding on it. It will be at rest for the next 3 min when it will start craving and urging more.

The urge to say : I like this, I am here, I hate this, I love this, I embrace this, I support this, I want this, I need this, I do this, I am this, I want you to see, I need to be part of this otherwise ... I do not exist.

Meanwhile in reality : nothing happened.

Absolutely nothing but a general form of delirium.

We are generally basking in the lukewarm waters of nothing doingness about our lost time.

I will go so far as to say that for the past few years nothing happened and we did nothing we could call original or something having a real, life shifting impact on our shared reality. Which most of the times are small things requiring attention, care, perseverance. We are short of that.

Lonely men liking women online, not having the first clue how to speak and treat a real one. Lonely women showing their bodies in all ways possible, as if that is OK, trying to make their confusion look pretty.

The I is there liking pictures wishing to be ... happy. For 3 minutes.

We can change that.

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