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Sa Pa, a very little Vietnam

Everywhere they go, humans make themselves a little home.

Home most often is a safe space where their mind can wonder, their body can relax and stop the fight, the pretence, the work, the struggle of being alive.

Home can be a physical place or a feeling, a taste which is reminding them of the place they call home in their heart.

Home exists in our minds and senses.

Humans need to feel like the place they inhabit is their place. They decorate it, bring in things they are familiar with, they spend their time among familiar faces, foods and occupations.

I observe humans and go to places to understand us. This is probably my attempt to make myself feel like Home on Earth among other humans who seem just as clueless.

What are we all doing here after all?

Something tells me that this is an impossible mission.

Sa Pa - a Vietnamese community far away from home, in Czechia.

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