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Shut up?

When did you learn to shut up?

The kind of shutting up which is not : kind, Zen, nor transcendental?

The kind of silence stepping in when :

-you are so hurt that speaking would take your life away

-no words have been invented yet to let you speak

-you mind has not stored yet that type of experience and needs to get it first

-the person whom you thought you can trust does something that pulls the rug under your feet like there was no rug before and you are like : what the hell did just happen?

-there is nobody to talk to, not even a self because they are all gone

-you are in a state of freeze, fight, flight

-the reality makes no sense - your mind cannot assign a meaning (words) to it so you just sit there waiting

-everybody else is shutting up EVEN if to a sane person things OBVIOUSLY are going south, and you are like : oh, so we shut up now, even if we are all crying inside, even if over there there are people decapitating other people?

When did you learn to do that?

There was a moment in our life when that happened.

Change it.

Learn the language of your heart and speak it.

The hears who speak the same language will get it.

XX, V.

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