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Skipped the commas

Respect for words I had respect and a kind of fear of some words was only using them in special occasions or created the special occasions for the words to be used I let them be and let them bring their magic into life my mother was doing the same she invented her own words to be assigned to things or facts unprecedented. It was hard not to laugh outload and even silently inside myself.

The words that make thoughts move flourish and are becoming something new words that change your mind and your whole life around words that keep you awake at night wondering about their significance words building bridges and words leading to wars. It is the respect for words and their magical nature that we might have lost in our expansion delusion death of the soul.

Sometimes some words keep me awake I do not understand them what is their message for me and what is the reason for them to be in my mind it is hard when words make no sense I have no direction don't know where I am.

Words make up the map we have in our minds how we connect to each other and with our own self though memories words is what we are.


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