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Someone to create life with

Mark was looking for someone to create life with. He has been trying everything he could think of.

He is now desperate.

He doesn't know if he is even alive. Mark can't feel anything and doesn't care about anything. In fact, he is purposefully looking to do nothing or something bad. His neighbors, his work colleagues know- he is dying.

They can feel the scent of death. Mark is a walking cadaver. Nobody at the office wants to talk to him. He is thinking, feeling, walking, eating alone.

Always alone.

Always alone.

Why the hell is he always alone? This question is consuming his entire energy. He can't get it.

Mark walks the streets blindfolded, trying to get himself dead. Testing if he is here. When he bleeds, he doesn't feel it. Why is everybody avoiding him? Why? Why? Why?

Nothing makes sense to him. He is spinning and barely hanging in there. This world rejecting him is going to kill him.

Where is this someone to build life with?

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