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Superior women

Women, very much like men, have a great battle to win during this life. The battle for life or death, good or evil.

How can women support men instead of leading them into the darkness of the soul?

How can women help men in this life we live today so that these could become the divine soldiers they were born to be ?

Things coming to my mind and soul :

- become conscious of the influence they have on men and use that power in a positive, divine way

-encourage them to express themselves, to learn if they don't know, the language of emotions

-encourage their creativity and soulful living

- support them in getting up from the mud instead of leading them deeper. I believe that we all, deep down, are aware of the damage happening in our culture, when men and women become tools for stabilizing the chemical reactions in each other. We are living in a world going through a mass psychosis.

-do not use their bodies as enticing tools just for the sake of fun or the excitement. A sexual encounter is in fact the moment when a huge amount energy is discharged and exchanged. Each encounter made for the sake of discharge only is toxic, leading to the mass loneliness, empty souls and depression we are seeing in the world today.

Men and women must both become aware of the health and spiritual implications of a sexual encounter

- say NO when the NO would be leasing into confusion, loneliness, mind games and toxicity.

- say Yes when the Yes would be leading to growth, awareness and more life energy

-become aware of their own faults, mistakes, pain points and learn how to heal themselves first before contaminating another human being with the pain, confusion and unawareness- to say the least and excluding the health implications.

I feel like saying this in Italian - trovare la divinità negli occhi dell'altro- this is it, this is the mission men and women who are connected in some kind of way need to concentrate on, encourage in each other and pour back into the world.

Being the real woman each woman came here to be, has never been easy but the cultural environment, all the possibilities the digital world is offering and the changes happening in the way we are relating to each other- make me wonder if the essence, the spirit living inside - does the spirit change too? Go away? Or does it become even stronger, wiser and larger, forever?

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