The alchemy of life

Hey look, I know nothing specific about alchemy and those who called themselves alchemists.

But I do feel one thing- I deeply understand the alchemistic curiosity.

For centuries- this is crazy to realise- everyone who has been alive had their brain forced to process exterior input and make sense of it, while their bodies were moulded by the laws of physics. The majority followed the same road, the same way of living. But some of them used their minds in divergent ways.

They paid attention to something else.

They observed nature, the laws of life, they started to mix different substances and really believe that they can create something new, valuable such as gold.

Isn't this just so human?

This hope for something miraculous, something great and powerful to come and save us from the burden of being alive. Are living human beings condemned to life? What do we do while looking for or simply waiting for a way out?

Humans still hope for a glimpse of light, while lost in this dark wilderness called Life.

Museum of Alchemy, Prague Czechia.