The "As if "mindset

This comes in handy in situations which appear difficult or are new to us.

For example :

-work situations when a colleague or the boss is disregarding you or even treating you unkind

-when you are being asked to do something that is a challenge for you, you don't know how

-when you are being confronted with a completely new situation

-family situations when people are very tied in together and hardly allow one to change, because that would lead to a larger change. When someone has different food preferences for example, the family as a whole would have to adapt.

I had a colleague who wanted to be a senior consultant. This is from the time I was working in procurement. This colleague took the As if setting to an extreme. He was talking, walking, responding and not responding as if he was already a senior consultant , if not among the management team, where he will probably be soon.

He took it too far and people around him did not like that. I often heard jokes about him and how "desperate" he was. Which I understand, I would choose not to make a joke about someone just to be the clever one in the group. At the same time, the reality is - he had a goal and he was doing everything possible, everything he knew he could, to make sure he is getting there.

The majority does not have this kind of resilience and perseverance. I liked him for that.

Acting as if you are feeling better and so today you can go out and take a walk

As if you have already that thing you dream about ( does it really fulfill you? )

As if you are already in that relationship that you want ( is that really what you need? )

As if you are capable of confronting a conflict with you mother/father/brothers/friends who have been putting you down till now.

As if you have the money you want and know what you are going to do with them


The As if mindset is a way to get out of a mental blockage but it does not mean that all of a sudden you need to start spending money you don't have or talk to people as if they are your subordinates.

If you are now in a life situation that brings you unrest, conflict or is taking you places you don't want to go (self harming, self sabotaging) - starting to act, to do things, to move yourself as if you are out of that is probably the best way to actually change and move on.

Good luck to us,