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The day when Facebook disappeared

4th of October 2021 was a marvelous day. Another kind of Liberation day?

For a couple of hours Facebook and its tremendously popular apps WhatsApp, Instagram were down.


A cyber attack was excluded - but the possibility was taken into account at first. From what I could gather, the problem was caused by Facebook's DNS server. The sites , disappeared because the DNS server did not "recognize" them and could not assign these an IP Address.

Without an IP address nothing exists online.

I find very interesting the following facts :

- the huge gap created by the outage of three products, the whole world stopped for a few hours . The Facebook employees themselves could not talk among themselves ! In order to solve the problem, someone had to go physically to the locations where the servers are, because a remote connection could not be established!!

-Facebook is being used to log into multiple platforms, which is making the log in smoother but as you can understand, the outage caused self multiplying problems.

-Facebook was loosing money by the second, the platform is being used by millions of companies for advertising

- WhatsApp, Messenger where also down and all of a sudden people lost connection to their families and the world.

-in some countries Facebook means the Internet. For them the Internet stopped for a few hours. It will be interesting to see how did they manage this outfall.

A few things we might need to take into account after this :

- why is a single concern given so much power and its products are therefore literally creating our reality ? A rhetoric question, I know.

- what are the alternatives?

-the digital world we live in and Facebook makes it with each click- is it the world we really want to live in?

It was quite for a few hours but not in our minds.

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