The dreamer's dream

The dreamer is beautiful and naïve

The dreamer will be eaten alive in the world today

The dreamer is at home and safe only in the dream.

The woman dreamer - might never grow up as a person.

The dreamer is happy while dreaming or ridding on the back of a white horse

crossing dream lands

The dreamer is not welcome nor accepted by the Reality

The society wants functioning people who do things and user their logic

The dreamer wants to dream away and maybe then take a step somewhere

The woman dreamer, the armies of women groomed to become romantic, pink dressed little women

The 40 years old women today who behave, think, speak and walk life little girls

The 40 years old men today behaving, think, speak and walk like little men

are lost in the culture today.

Romantic principles, as we have inherited them from previous generations, do not fit the world today

We might be sad about it

Romanticism is so pretty after all

But we are simply being stupid if holding on

We know too much

We have seen to deep into our beings, into the intricates of our bodies and how they function, into how society is build

Romanticism is possible today only in safe, reality bound (taking place in the 3-D reality) relationships, locked in by trust and two way communication.

Hear to heart.

Mind to mind.

Eyes to eyes.

The dreamer's dream, if taken out of the creative realms, is the damnation of us.

A very interesting and rather maddening example for the misplaced attention in the world today is that of Greta Thunberg.

A Swedish girl, diagnosed with Asperger at the age of 12, who has taken a huge issue in her own young hands and is going around the world asking for help, suggesting action plans, for the great Leaders to do something.

I feel strongly for her.

It reminds me of me, years ago when I took my life in my own hands. A small scale of responsibility, compared to her, but effective, because there were no adults around.