The foundation of existence

The foundation of existence is Love.

Love is positive, creative, life giving and purifying energy.

Love blooms at different levels of connection which then generate the energy of Life.

Universal energy - The energy generate by the Great Unknown beyond human comprehension

Godly energy - Life force or the force of God governing existence at a terrestrial level

Energy of the unspeakable Truth - the truth cannot be spoken, it cannot be contained by words or form, it can be only expressed in different glimpses( our voices, our words and languages) but it is never expressed in totally.

Energy of the Heart - Loving energy living in the heart region. Translated in daily life this is the capacity to care for yourself and those around. The capacity to detach when this energy is being misused or no exchange is happening. It is the energy of opening up and standing strong in the middle of the unknown trusting your Heart.

Energy of Self - Intuitive knowing and trusting your own being. This energy is build every day, every moment when we decide to take care of our self, keep promises that we have made to ourselves,

Energy of Creation - The transformative power of creativity. Creativity is in fact the process of translating energy into something else. This is the energy of creating human beings, the force that is bringing human beings together to create further forms of life. This is the level of Energy where families connect, it is very impactful if the family is toxic or blocked at an energetical level.

Energy of Earth - Grounding force, the force of gravity which is keeping objects in place, the energy of community, the energy generated when many human beings or beings translating energy into human form, come together.