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Books : The future is now

Here are some books from the future, preparing us for the great Unknown .

The first one is a must read.

Scary Smart by Mo Gawdat

A book not as scary to read as it is mind opening once you're done. It does make you wonder...

You start seeing possibilities which are not here yet but just around the corner.

The author's intention is not only to explain in plain language what AI is, how it is learning and what's the current state, he is also bringing awareness to the fact that we, human beings, are teaching AI how to behave, the slave-master relationship being a temporary one.

How will the world be for us, at a very day by day level, is determined by our behaviour, the way we produce and use data Now.

Women in Tech by Sabrina von Nessen & Sandrine de Vries

This is a compact one, stuffed with real stories where women thought and behaved differently. Success in their terms meaning that they tried again and again, learned, worked and ignored the naysayers.

Just like all human beings do, men and women.

It is of course interesting to see that women seem to have it hard working in Tech, as if their feminine nature determines their abilities or value. But this is a never ending war...

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