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The importance of (personal ) Truth @DOX

The Center for Contemporary Art (DOX) has been on my must-go list for quite a while.

Recently, I could not lose the chance of seeing examples of that which I know my own style is - Art Brut.

I am shocked by the silenced loudness of these pieces now.

I am shocked by the absurdity our living is taking place in. I am shocked by the truth I've seen and heard.

There are currently three open exhibitions at DOX.

Power(less) : Art Brut

Stories of power(less) human beings. Powerless because affected by external oppression, mental illness, political regimes, power abuse and control. Human beings under control behave in different ways. Some do not have any other outlet for their emotions and mental charge but artful expression.

Art Brut is art made by human beings who "normally" do not abide to any "official" cultural current. They just express what they see, dream, feel and think. These are raw expressions of their own minds. This is the style I love and I use instinctively myself.

The pieces part of "Power(less)" have a theme though : power applied in controlling ways, also mental illness or mentally different people who processes reality in very particular ways. The war in Ukraine and the trauma of it is also expressed here.


Day by day China is becoming more oppressive and dictatorial. The population is under surveillance at all times with the help of digitalization and China's social score program.

I lived and worked din China for a couple of years, a few years ago. At that time, I was myself living in a container, isolated by a kind of fear I was taught to feel in my home country. Our entire lives, the force needed to live were directed into work and survive. There was no vacation, no time to dream about anything.

I grew up like that, not knowing that there is a world outside and it is also accessible for me, that I am part of this world. My alienation was nothing special in China. I was the tall stranger. I was again isolated from the reality. Chinese people have a face for the outside world and one for the Chinese people. They move and think in groups. Looking at these pieces I hear their voices, the unspoken pain, the incapacity to say the truth out loud.

See this recent documentary about the situation in China and soo in the world: The world of China’s President Xi Jinping | DW Documentary

The creator - Badicao fled China, of course, in order to be able to speak. Check his work here also.

Via Vitae : Vera Novakova (just some pictures)

I learn that Vera Novakova is one of the most important creators in the Czech space. These are just some phots of many other pieces I've seen and preferred to just look at and feel.

I got the feeling that this creator was connected to the energy of life. Many of the pieces are light, surrealistic, expressing the soul of specific characters. Her father is depicted in several of these pieces.

The signs spread around the center are really insightful. The project dedicated to the Internet World and Data talks about how we are so fast running into a digital future with possible disturbing outcomes.

We are reckless, have we lost the connection with ourselves already? Expression of truth, of personal truth must never be censured or stopped. That is the very Self we must not lose in this life.

What is the importance of truth, specifically personal truth? Being able to speak, or express in any way, your truth means sanity, alignment and flow. It means connection to yourself and the reality. It means being seen, heard and understood, taken in account, cared for and included. Being able to express your personal truth is essential for your life and for Life in its immensity.

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