The Internet : the bright side

The Internet is an idea. It is a thought in continuous development. A thought though by millions of people at the same time.

The Internet opened the door to a new world. A world where people can be, think, speak, feel, create and become whatever they want or whatever they imagine they could become.

The Internet made unheard voices heard. The Internet gave power to the powerless.

The Internet is a dream, a lucid dream which we cannot remember. It is never there, never the same. It is living the life of us out, in real time.

The Internet is a collective force producing a new type of consciousness which no human can withstand or comprehend.

The Internet is free Information with the potential to become Knowledge. The Internet is a playground.

The instinctual speed it has, how it moves and grows makes it a mythical creature.

The Internet is a magical portal where people go to meet other people. The internet is the alternative to an unreliable, painful reality. A limited, difficult, bloody reality.

The Internet is Heaven.

The Internet is Hell.

The Internet makes the impossible possible.

Because it is just a dream__________________________________________________ A dream of what Life could be.