The Internet : where the peeps have (no) power

What is the meaning of the Internet?

How do human beings feel "on" the internet? Where do their minds and souls go while they are engaging with these virtual forms of life in need for energy, for supply?

This is an essay about the meaning of the internet, precisely, about the way it has taken our minds and souls away with some examples I found interesting.


If you dare to take a step back and become the "outsider" who is not connected, sharing their breakfast-lunch-dinner, morning-midday-evening outfits, travel destinations, new shoes and random feelings taking you to highest heights and to the deepest desperations known to human kind, in a matter of seconds, you might see the underlaying emptiness, the void we are walking on.

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

Would this masquerade have been possible if the Mighty Internet, and its magical power to take people's minds away, wouldn't be exiting?

Would Elisabeth Holmes and her fake invention have gotten that amount of attention, trust, emotional and financial investment if the audience would have been better anchored in reality ?

I strongly doubt that.

The Silicon Valley Startup Theranos, the creation of Elisabeth Homes, turns out to have been fake, a "fake-it-till-you make-it" taken to the extreme, the dream of a summer day which will never be back.

A dream forced into reality, in the shape of a miraculous startup which was going to revolutionize the medical world but not only that!, it would have produced miracles and saved lives en masse, everywhere in the world where people need medical assistance and their blood needs to be tested.

But it was just a dream.

The dreamer was a pretty convincing woman.

She was called "The first female Steve Jobs" of all times. She even dressed and moved like Steve Jobs. In the course of my listening to this audio book, I watched numerous interviews and the discussions after the fraud disclosure. Specialist all over the worlds have analyzed her behavior , her way of talking, the low voice which some say was a trained way of speaking as to be accepted in that context.. While some do not believe that this pretense could be done for such an extensive time, others are sure of it. Some say this is a classic nutcase : the human Elisabeth Holmes was taken over and consumed by the mirage the hyped-up ego, the virtual machine which is probably hoping for a savior every day.

Don't all victims hope like that, in vain ?

This virtual world is so desperate to welcome a female Steve Jobs that they don't even see the obvious - she is not for real! The book is a masterful journalistic investigation, a sober look at the facts. The author did not only try to understand how, for God sake, could Elisabeth fool us all? He also shows us the reality, the truth we so often forget.

Kinds of Stonks (2022) - A Netflix series

Have you heard about the Wirecard Scandal in Germany? Go read about it! It's another real life case showing the power and let me add, deceiving but alluring power of the virtual reality, which like a dream is gone forever, gone there where nobody comes back from.

Kings of Stonks is a series, it is not true which makes it even more believable, because the degree of absurdity nowadays is touching the ceiling of the universe.

Oh dear, the Mighty Internet has created a masterful situation, a deceiving virtual situation, attracting those people who were faking it until they thought that they made it.

Surprise, surprise!

It was a fraud made possible by the Mighty Internet, by the egos hungry for validation, attention and power. The movie shows the birth and the oh so short life of a start up which turns out to be fake. Just like Theranos and its masterful deceiving face- Elisabeth Homes, the owners of this fictive startup manage to convince millions , take their investments, get listed at the stocks market and be paid millions while...there was no product!