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The right order

The right order is the natural order of things

What is natural?

That which is nourishing

That which is life generating

That which is alive and intelligent

That which contains the strength to get up again and again

That which is strong even if coming though unimaginable difficulties

How can we know what is natural and so the right order of things?

We can feel it instinctively

If we are not taking any substances interfering with the natural processes of the body, we can instinctively feel and we are naturally drown towards pure sources of energy such as :

light (consciousness)

love (All as one)





giving and receiving

freedom of mind and spirit

friendship and respect

We can feel it when we are listening closely with the Heart

We can feel it when we are returning home from a long and difficult journey

When we wake up to a new day and things are OK

Our home is there

Our coffee , tea and preferred biscuits are there

We have water to drink

We have food to eat and there will be more

We have clothes to wear and shoes to take out for a walk

We have someone to embrace and kiss when we say goodnight

When we are glad to be there where we are

Not longing to be somewhere we are not

Not longing to be with someone we are not

When we let ourselves feel love for the person we have by our side

And that person is just as happy to be there to give and receive.

In fact the person is stretching their hand saying yet again: good morning my love, let's dance!

When we have the courage to stay open and kind, not responding - if that is the kind way to be.

When we are trying to become and bring into life the Christian mentality or the peaceful mentality

The mind being different at different stages in life.

You might me in moment when being alone is the most loving thing you can do

Or you can be at the beginning or the end of a relationship

Which is also the kindest thing you can do sometimes.

The right order is natural

What is natural has a beginning and an end.

The process of being born, grow, experience and draw conclusions from the events that are happening for us during a human life is what we are here for.

Nobody and nothing can interrupt the natural order of things

There is no other way.

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