The transformative power of creativity

Creativity is the method of transforming a state of being, of energy.

From strong, dark energy into power and courage. From sadness into understanding. From pain into the stillness of a poem. From mental confusion to paintings like this. Cooking, making clothes, gardening, singing, dancing, baking bread or taking care of people who need it - are creative ways of living.

We transform ourselves, our emotions and thoughts while running these states of being through a lucid filter- the creative state. By extracting them out of ourselves we have the chance to know, transform ourselves and live.

Language is one of these filters as well.

As shown previously, (Collective victims Part 4 - Exorcism) comedy is a specific way of language use, allowing the discharge of tension or ideas which might not be approved of normally.

When we joke we express the pain of being stuck into a box, misunderstood or just being human.

Art is another of these filters. But what is art and what is not art ? This is a question nobody can answer probably because all is subjective and all is personal. For example, Picasso produced excellent paintings but the women he lived with had a very difficult life, some killed themselves, others got out of there mentally instable. The same, as I learn, was the life of Mileva Maric

Does the world even realize that Einstein's findings are in fact the ideas of his wife who was a much better mathematician and did it for him?

What is a an artist and what is not? One more rhetoric question. There is an usual dichotomy : Artist vs. Human

Artist : somewhere on the narcissism spectrum, needing attention, dependent on someone to take care of their needs. Some other characteristics:

- emotionally and mentally unstable, falling into extremes and staying there because why not, looks good and complicated

- dependent on any or all the following scattered states of mind:

  • sexual dependency

  • drugs

  • alcohol

  • attention and approval or conflict dependency

- disregarding all the other humans around, not trying to engage and create harmony

- go full in and come out different beings

- can destroy and recreate, as they wish.

Human : a creature who does not wear yellow socks to show off.

Someone who likes to be surrounded by other human creatures and is listening to them because they want to create harmony. Is asking: How are you and means it.

-eating normal food, taking showers and combing their hair

-it is interested in communication and cooperation

-decided to live and not die during the next 10 minutes

-takes care of their parents when needed

-keeps their job and does not rely on others to take care of all

I think that a human being can be creative and still kind, loving and concentrated on the common progress of all.

Why create anything ?

- it is human

-it is healing because it transforms energy

-it is a language of life

What is the creative state?

the state when a human is willing to become, to give and gives himself/herself to the unknown thus recognizing the human belonging to the Unknown.