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The winner

The winner never gives up

not even when giving up would be mostly effective and kind towards themselves

There is no self if not a winning self.

The winner does not see other than challenges

or opportunities to jump into a new situation, new project, new role, new life

The winner is emotionally frozen.

The world is not allowed to see their humanity, needs or the pain of living

The winner is a machine collaborating only with other 100% efficient machines

The winner is a perfectionist and is competing with themselves

To perfect the perfection

To be the best

To be the winner

To avoid loneliness, to avoid the incapacity to express emotions and be vulnerable.

The winner is lonely while looking far away, enchanted by the next level, not yet touched

Not yet consumed.

Looking for the next person to impress, to make them fall in love with them,

to like them and to like what they do

to follow them.

The winner takes it all

The winner wants it all.

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