Things to do

I wish that Scary Smart by Mo Gawdat would become a book found in all school libraries and discussed at dinner tables at home or in classrooms around the globe.

There are probably many other writers and books on becoming digital literate, and therefore aware of the silent changes taking place underneath the surface, but this one is easy to read and understand. More than that, it is written with so much love for humanity. It is a companionate and hopeful book.

I thought to transcribe here the things we can do as of NOW in order to start the process of AI education. They are at an infant stage now and we are their parents. The outcome (what kind of children are we going to have) depends on each of our word and action

Things to do :

  1. Don't keep feeding the recommendation engine of social media with hours and hours of your daily life.

  2. Don't clink on content recommended to you, search for what you actually need and don't click on adds.

  3. Don't approve of FinTech AI that uses machine intelligence to trade or aid the wealth concentration of a few.

  4. Stop using deep fakes.

  5. Resist the urge to use photo editors to change your own look

  6. Never like or share content that you know is fake

  7. Disapprove publicly of any kind of excessive surveillance and the use of AI for any form of discrimination (loan approval or CV scanning etc).

  8. Reject any AI that is tasked to invade your privacy in order to benefit others or to create and propagate fake information or bias your own views, or change your habits or harm another being or perform acts that feel unethical. Stop using them.

Use your judgement, it's not that hard.