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Understand pain

I understand the rage of the terrorists, their pain of being excluded takes their humanity away

I understand the pain of cheated, used, abused women

I understand the pain of broken, lonely men

I understand the reason why addictions live inside human minds and bodies -ignored pain

I understand the pain of divorced people

The pain of mothers who bury their children

The pain of lonely fathers

The pain of lonely women looking to be loved and getting tricked instead

The pain of men unable to express their emotions

The pain of people unable to receive kindness, because the pain of opening up would kill them

The pain of silent and hurting people, they cannot trust the world and say …i am in pain, hug me, will you

I understand people taking their own lives away - they seek relief from pain

The pain of people living far away from their home country, the place where their soul first started breathing

I unterstand the pain of children who never had the chance to be children

I understand the pain and the fear of women afraid of being women in this world

I understand the pain of men stuck inside a societal box, crying, constricted. The worlds' heaviness pressing on them

I understand the pain of being locked, no opening in sight, unable to hear yourself, feel yourself if not through pain

I understand real hunger

I understand the pain of not understanding why and being punished for that

I understand the child who is not allowed to grow but is pushed and pulled to parent the parents

I understand the pain of mothers who express or consume their pain through their children, eating their childhood, their ability to dream and to dare

I understand pain, universal pain nesting in human mind and heart

I understand chronic pain inside the body

I hear you pain

I see you pain

You are bleeding through us

Hoping that we will wake up

to close the wound.

That is the reason for pain

the damnation of those who bring the change.

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