What you are

If you an actor

If you are a doctor

If you are a teacher

If you are writer

If you are a backer

If you are unemployed

If you are an alcoholic (please admit it)

If you are a musician

If you are a graphic designer

If you are in between being something

If you don't know what you are

If you are 30years old living with your parents and never went out

If they keep you locked like a dog in the basement (wild, but real)

If you have no experience whatsoever and cannot speak

If you are lonely walking right now through the desert looking for water

If you are a blade of grass

If you are an ant

If you are trying to stay alive under the bridge

If you are journalist taken hostage by the Taliban

If you are a prostitute telling yourself that you are THE Queen while beaten and abused

If you are lesbian

If you are gay

If you do not exist because you have no idea about what your persona could be

If you are a recovering victim of another person's trauma

If you are here

You are LIFE.

I know, they say that life is a gift.

I am sorry but it certainly does not feel like that!

Aren't gifts supposed to be ...at least pleasant? And not cutting through living flesh ?

Of course, the meaning of that is The journey to understanding "the gift" inside the gift but man... isn't this shitty sometimes?

If not most of it.

Life is not a gift, it a game.

Let's make the possible possible today.

And try again tomorrow.