Why is Attila so angry ?

The Mighty Internet and its shadows, generate by our own shadows, has infiltrated our minds, it is feeding on us and it is the creation of us.

In his book, 10 Gründe, warum du deine Social Media accounts sofort löschen musst -10 reason why you should immediately delete your social media accounts (my translation) Jaron Lanier is treating this subject from different perspectives. He is making a deep analysis so please read the book if you want the details.

I would go that far as to say that Jaron Lanier is actually "predicting" the future. In the world today the future is Now. If you ask yourself : what does Lanier know anyway? Well, he is one of those who invented virtual reality and worked on building The Internet. He knows, alright?

Reason number 6

Jaron Lanier's 6th reason is : Social Media tötet dein Mitgefühl- Social Media kills your empathy ( my translation) and I do infer here that the case of Attila Hildmann is such an extreme example. A case of popular personalities falling prey to the mind twisting, sneaky ways of virtual influence, coming though Social Media especially.

Attila Hildmann, before becoming a man acting crazy online and loosing all credibility, was a star vegan cook. The level of Gordon Ramsay in UK but vegan and set in Germany. This is how I got to know his work as well.

Let's not talk about his Turkish roots, because where you come from does not determine who you are. It does influence your development but it does not make you. I am from Moldova and I'm not a prostitute ( Oh please, don't call that feminine emancipation if you have never been that hungry) nor a badanta in Italy (this is a job alright, but it comes with so much heavy stuff, nobody does it out of desire).

So, when I learned about this super weird transformation, pushed to the virtual surface during the pandemic, I was like > What the hell ?


After having watched, read and listened what is there to be found, the outcome and the answer to my question is : because he has always been angry, he is a tormented person. He is simply using whatever way possible to get more attention, to express his anger and cover up for what is missing in his mind and heart - humanity.

As you might know, Social Media platforms are basically grounded on that undelaying social triggers (yeah, playing with your mind) and they grow by spreading the hype. The hype being caused by triggering reactions to things that upset humans. These emotions are triggered in the consumers in different ways. Very intelligent people are paid to develop and refine that mechanism.

The algorithm is determining what is real and valuable.

Considering that - violence on the streets, violence at home, violence among genders and among countries, control, conspiracy, the state hiding important facts from the public -are all negative situations, negative mental constructs propagated by the Social Media actors, generating more negative thoughts, than the world in their eyes is a completely different world.

It is pure violence.

Whereas, the world outside virtual (a)social platforms is a good enough place. A place where people can talk about what's wrong, they can shar, sing and create and they can find solutions and live together even if they are different.

They can eat whatever they want and still be considered human. They can have different ideas. The world outside of the hype is OK. There is the sun, there are books, there is the sky, the sun and the moon and friends and there is time to learn, to make mistakes and to be human.

I think that it is very important to pay attention to the way Social Media actors make you feel. Anyone coming to tell you The Truth or trying to convince you of anything = pay attention to your feelings, do they encourage you to be courageous, to learn and to do things that improve your real life ?

Do they tell you about peace and how to create it in yourself?

We must become literate online. The way we read The Internet and the reality shown there needs to be a conscious act. Looking at it as if it were a movie is the good approach. One of the digital literacy principals is : Critical thinking and evaluation which the masses are clearly missing when engaging online.

It was Shakespeare who said that the word is a scene and we are the actors. Well, Social Media platforms are a kind of stage but seen though a blurry glass which is magnifying only that what it wants you to see.

Attila Hildmann is a fake activist, a fake vegan, a fake actor. He is using the attention to satisfy his needs. He is using words to trigger fear and violence in people. He is screaming and jumping around like a monkey just like Hitler did, in his own crazy fashion, not that long ago.

Attila Hildmann is sad and probably very lonely. He needs someone to talk to.

Donald Trump, Matteo Salvini, Jair Bolsonaro becoming president in Brasil, Indian elections, hyper religious and any extremist groups are all thriving on Social Media because these are imaginary constructs, feeding on violence, fear and confusion. They don't only generate these in people, as to grow and acquire more influence, they have become machines. Machines do not care.

They have lost the connection with the human reality where words hurt, being kicked hurts, sleeping on the street hurts, going hungry or being completely lonely hurts.

They don't care. Social media does not care about you.


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