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Wild Wide Web

Today I am adding a new category to my site called Digital Literacy.

I love the Internet and the possibilities it offers, the richness of information and the never-ending resources I can find. In my previous posts I spoke about the effects of social media and also made an experiment on myself. I still think, will bring arguments on that also as we move on, that some type of digital media and platforms are being made in a way that is harmful to our phycological state, which then determines to a certain extend the rest of life.

Looking back at my beginnings in Moldova where I had only a few books to read, after having gone through those at the library - I am thankful for the Internet. But still, I think that there is little , if no preparation or literacy about it (in some areas).

Digital information is a completely new type of media. It presents a new type of medium for which most of us are not prepared or simply do not understand.

Some of us, not born "online" have been taken aback, if not scared away by its force, vastness and fast pace. There are people who think of themselves as stupid or slow when it comes to interacting digitally, while nobody is ready for it in reality - it is too fast, it goes though trends 5 times a day and the reality becomes difficult to perceive. Human beings have a different pace.

My own parents needed years before they could take the step and start using a smart phone.

Their main need was that of staying in touch with their children spread in the world otherwise they might not have trusted this medium.

Which is indeed not to be trusted.

Jaron Lanier is my mentor in this journey.

He is "computer scientist, composer, artist, and author who writes on numerous topics, including high-technology business, the social impact of technology, the philosophy of consciousness and information, Internet politics, and the future of humanism"

I'm citing this site here.

I'm also making my way through his work :

Let's see where this road will lead us. I'm of course curious about it :)

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