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Worth fighting for?

Do you see yourself and your wellbeing worth fighting for?

What do you do to enforce healthy boundaries?

In the absence of a support system and friends with a hand to give when needed - what or whom are you turning to?

If you fall into the "Jesus like" thinking and make your life a gift to all who come and go, do you think that you can sustain your sanity, emotional and physical health?

Do you think that allowing someone to use the resources of your being is the best think you can do with yourself?

How often do you go outside of your comfort?

How do you respond to manipulative, emotionally abusive people ?

How do you respond to friendly, caring and emotionally aware people?

Did you ever think that it might be you ?

You might be the one causing all the issue in your life because emotionally unaware or traumatized?

Do you consider your life worth fighting for?

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